Patawomeck 4th of July Celebration

Join the Patawomeck Museum and Cultural Center in celebrating 4th of July in Stafford!

Open from 10am – 4pm, July 4th with trolley pickup and drop off for a seamless celebration.

Activities and amenities for the day include:

  • Food Trucks: A variety of food trucks will be available on-site, offering delicious options for everyone.
  • Face Painting: There will be face painting for children, adding an extra touch of fun.
  • Free Arrowhead Necklaces: Children can receive free Arrowhead necklaces.
  • Crafts: Various crafts will be available for children to enjoy and participate in.
  • Sunglasses: Free sunglasses for attendees.
  • Cooling Stations: Cooling stations will be set up for people to enjoy a break from the heat.
  • Air-conditioned Resting Space: Air-conditioned resting spaces for those who need a quick moment to relax.
  • Historical Storytellers and Tribal Members: The village will be populated with historical storytellers and tribal members, offering engaging stories and insights.


Above all, it’s a day for families to enjoy together and make memories that will last a lifetime! Have a happy 4th of July!