Tour Stafford

Those who know, know.

All others are in for a big surprise.

If you’ve driven on I-95 between Washington D.C. and Fredericksburg, you’ve actually been to Stafford County, Virginia. Technically. But if that’s all you’ve experienced, you’re in for a treat. You could say we’re a place where surprise and wonder are hiding in plain sight. The locals know it. So do more than 500,000 visitors and tourists every year who keep coming back to stay and play. But don’t tell too many people. It’ll be our little secret.
(Just kidding. The more the merrier.)

Shop, Save, and Stay

Stafford’s businesses are ready for your visit.

Itineraries & Tours

Looking for inspiration when planning your trip to the Stafford area? 

Junior-Am Fundraising Tournament

August 14 | The Gauntlet Golf Club | 2:00 PM | Shamble

The water’s calling

How could you not take advantage of all of this water around you? Epic paddling adventure, some of the best fishing on the east coast, and so much more.

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