Stafford County Tree Lighting Mug
Stafford County Tree Lighting Snowflake
Stafford County Tree Lighting Globe

Explore the distinctive charm of Stafford County, Virginia, through our new monthly sticker releases! These collectible stickers are more than just decals – they encapsulate the diverse beauty of Stafford County, making them a must-have for enthusiasts.

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Get your mittens on the limited run Stafford Tree Lighting vinyl die-cut stickers on December 8, 2023 at the Stafford Tree Lighting event. Collect them all!

A sneak peek of January’s stickers!

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About the Artist

Krista Miller is an illustrator and graphic designer based out of Stafford, Virginia. She has lived in Stafford most of her life and found a passion for the arts as a high school student at Brooke Point High School. Focusing mainly on nature and animals, an interest sparked by spending years in Stafford’s forests and trails, the major themes in her artwork are capturing the natural world in a stylized, graphic way. In her graphic design practice, she uses research to drive her concepts and works predominantly in brand identity development and marketing campaigns. The mediums she works in typically are mixed media, with an emphasis on acrylic paint and ink, and digital design software.