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​Expand your reach with Tour Stafford’s Marketing Co-Op Program.

Tour Stafford VA’s Marketing Co-Op Program provides discounted advertising rates to our local Tourism Advisory Group (TAG) partners. The Marketing Co-Op currently offers rates and options with three diverse media outlet vendors that provide a great reach and access to a variety of audiences. This is an ongoing program to provide marketing resources that help reach larger and targeted audiences for our TAG partners.

How it Works:

  • To qualify for any of these discounts, the Tour Stafford VA logo is required to appear in all print and digital advertisements using these discounted rates. For digital advertisements, the Tour Stafford VA logo must link back directly to
  • Logos can be downloaded here for use. The Stafford County’s Tourism team requests you use the full-color Tour Stafford VA logo for the logo requirement.
  • Download the Tour Stafford Marketing Co-Op sheet here, which provides detailed information of the media outlet vendor, advertising options, benefits, and offers.
  • One you decide on what advertising program(s) you wish to participate in, fill out the Jotform request. This Jotform is sent to Courtney Swenson, Marketing Manager and she will connect you directly with the media outlet vendor. If you have any questions, you can contact her at

Fill out the Marketing
Co-Op form

Tour Stafford Marketing
Co-Op sheet 


Contact Courtney Swenson, Marketing Manager, for more information and assistance.

Learn more about our 3 media outlets featured in the Marketing Co-Op

Virginia Tourism Corporation

The Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC) is the state’s tourism organization that markets domestic and international inbound travel in Virginia. Print and digital content are available and all VTC advertising is powered by Leisure Media 360. 

Digital Content: is the State of Virginia’s Tourism website, which attracts over 10 million unique visitors every year. Your ad can be seen in various sections of your choosing such as outdoor recreation, family travel, history, foodie, beer wine and spirits, lodging, etc. Businesses within Stafford County will receive a 20% discount on all positions. Full details are located on the Tour Stafford Marketing Co-Op program sheet. 

Print Content: The Virginia Travel Guide has a massive 12-month circulation. It is requested on average by over 5,000 people each week all year long. It is mailed to requests and is also available at all state Welcome Centers and Visitor Centers. Your ad will appear in 275,000 printed copies. It will also be seen online throughout the year via the Virginia Travel Guide’s numerous daily downloads on Full details are located on the Tour Stafford Marketing Co-Op program sheet. 

Potomac Local News

Potomac Local News’ mission is to share news happening in the Northern Virginia communities. Potomac Local News’ audience consists of 1.5 million users and 500+ paid supporting members. Digital content is available in three different outlets that help reach the larger Northern Virginia area. 

Digital Content: Includes event highlights, email blasts, and digital skyscraper/display ads at discounted rates. Full details are located on the Tour Stafford Marketing Co-Op program sheet. 

Northern Virginia Magazine

Northern Virginia Magazine celebrates and recognizes the diverse interests found in the greater Northern Virginia area. Northern Virginia Magazine offers print and digital content media options through the marketing Co-Op.

Digital Content: Email newsletters, display ads, and website advertising are offered at a discounted rate with various formats, topics, and markets to choose from. Full details are located on the Tour Stafford Marketing Co-Op program sheet. 

Print Content: Print advertisement is available in the Great Escape Magazine, which has won a multitude of awards. This magazine is highly distributed across popular stores such as Walmart, Target, Wegmans, Barnes & Noble, and more. Full details are located on the Tour Stafford Marketing Co-Op program sheet.

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