Tourism Sponsorships

Tourism Events Sponsorship Program

Organizations interested in hosting an event in Stafford County may be eligible to apply for a Stafford County Tourism Sponsorship. This program provides funding to support nonprofit and for-profit organizations that host an event in one of the following market segments:

  • Arts, Culture, Craft, or Music
  • Craft Brewery, Winery, Cidery, or Spirits 
  • Farm or Food
  • History
  • Water-based recreation
  • Wildlife or Natural Environment

Event Marketing Reach

The applicant must demonstrate and document that they are marketing the event outside of the Stafford Region. Preference and funding allocation will be given to those events that encourage visitors to stay overnight (generating hotel sales), shop in local stores, and eat in local restaurants. For more information on hotels, restaurants, and shopping go to

You must advertise outside of the counties: Stafford County, Prince William County, City of Fredericksburg, Fauquier County, King George, Spotsylvania County.


A sponsorship of $3,000 may be awarded per event. In addition to the documentation showing intended marketing, applicants are also required to provide one of the following:

  • Place Tour Stafford’s logo and backlink on the event’s page.
  • Provide Tour Stafford’s logo placement on any signs displayed at the event.
  • Distribute a dedicated email marketing blast to event participants highlighting the destination (content will be provided by the Tour Stafford team).
  • Offer a booth at the event for Tour Stafford to be present.
  • Provide photo use rights to Tour Stafford for marketing.

Event Room Night Incentive Program

You may be eligible to request an additional Event Room Night Incentive after the completion of your event. If your event generates between 10-99 room nights, you can apply and may be eligible for an additional rebate of $10 per room night. 

A formal room night report detailing hotel names and the number of room nights at each hotel will be required to apply for this incentive. Contact Stafford County Tourism for more information.

Rules & Guidelines:

  • Stafford County Tourism has a limited amount each year for all sponsorships.
  • Stafford County Tourism has the right to alter any proposed sponsorship without notice.
  • Organizations may apply and receive funding for up to two events per fiscal year.
  • Eligible applicants include Stafford for-profit businesses, non-profit organizations, museums, attractions, cultural events, and other tourism-related entities
Lisa Logan

Contact Lisa Logan,  Tourism Program Director, for more information and assistance.