Tired of suiting up your kids for classic snowball fights or sledding races? Don’t want them sitting around and watching TV all day either? Break free from the usual winter routines and turn those snowy days into memorable adventures with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities right here in Stafford! We’ve rounded up a list of engaging activities that will not only keep the kids entertained but also support local businesses. Let’s dive into the ultimate Snow Day Extravaganza!


Painting the Snow:

Give your winter wonderland a splash of color by painting the snow! Mix food coloring with water to create vibrant hues and turn that white (or yellow) snow into something even Bob Ross would admire.


Puzzle Time:

Add an artistic twist to your snow day with a puzzle from Gari Melchers Home and Studio. Turn your snow day into a masterpiece, appreciating art while having fun together. Visit their shop and bring home a puzzle for a delightful blend of relaxation and creativity!


Obstacle Course Madness:

Transform your backyard into an obstacle course using household items like cones, hula hoops, and outdoor cushions. Unleash your creativity and let the kids navigate through the course for a dose of fun! This activity can be easily modified for a large indoor space as well.


Hot Chocolate Bar:

Warm up indoors with a delightful hot chocolate bar! Use your favorite hot cocoa mix for a rich and indulgent experience. Set up a variety of toppings like marshmallows, whipped cream, and sprinkles for a customizable treat.


Breakfast in Bed:

Treat yourself to a leisurely breakfast in bed from The Grounds Coffee (provided the snow day doesn’t disrupt normal operations). Indulge in their delicious offerings, making your morning extra cozy and hassle free.


Bake Cinnaholic Cookies:

Whip up some delicious cookies using Cinnaholic edible cookie dough. Pre-buy and freeze until a snow day strikes, then simply bake for a warm, gooey treat that the whole family will love.


Cozy Indoor Picnic:

Enjoy a warm and tasty indoor picnic with takeout from Grounds Bistro and other local restaurants. Pick up your favorite comfort foods and savor them in the comfort of your home.


Reading Hour:

Dive into a world of imagination with a reading hour (or two) featuring books from The Central Rappahannock Regional Library at either the Porter Branch or the Howell Branch. Pick up some fresh reads to ignite their curiosity and spark their creativity!


Indoor Garden Project:

Bring a touch of greenery inside by making an indoor garden. Purchase plant starters and seeds from Sunnyside Nursery and watch as your little ones learn about the nurturing magic of growing their own plants.


Discover Stafford Virtual Museum:

While this activity involves a screen, we can’t resist suggesting these interactive exhibits and engaging stories! Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Stafford, all from the comfort of your cozy home!


Snow Day Survival Checklist:

  • Food coloring
  • Puzzle from Gari Melchers Home and Studio
  • Hot Cocoa mix & toppings (marshmallows, whipped cream, candy canes, chocolate, peanut butter, and any other toppings optional)
  • Cinnaholic Edible cookie dough
  • Books from The Central Rappahannock Regional Library
  • Sunnyside Nursery seeds and plant starters


This Snow Day Guide offers a refreshing break from the usual winter activities, or can serve as a checklist once the kids have exhausted the usual routine. Plus, by incorporating local businesses, you’re not only creating lasting memories but also supporting the vibrant community right here in Stafford. Embrace the snow and make the most of every moment with these fun-filled activities!