For many people, Christmas Lights have become a time-honored tradition. It’s a chance to escape the crazy holiday season and drive through a world of twinkling colors and festive joy. However, the hardest part about this tradition is you don’t always know where to look! And not everyone has time for a long and winding joy ride to get their ‘light fix’, especially this holiday season. This is why we’re showcasing 10 displays to ensure you experience the very best of the Stafford holiday magic. 

And to make your festive adventure even more delightful, we’ve crafted a suggested route that takes you through each display in under an hour, allowing you to savor the enchantment without spending too much time on the road. And you’re sure to find some extra holiday magic sprinkled in between each of our stops! So, grab some hot cocoa, sit back, relax, and let your phone do the rest! 


Masters Dr, Stafford VA 22554 (Somerset Landing)

Lots of displayed houses nearby

Tavern Rd, Stafford, VA 22554 (Austin Ridge)

Northampton Blvd, Stafford, VA 22554

Parkwood Ct, Stafford, VA 22554

Ella Ct, Stafford, VA 22554 (The Woods)

Has music and a light show

Thornberry Ln, Stafford, VA 22556 (Devon Green)

Riverton Dr, Stafford, VA 22556 (Brentwood Estates)

If you’re only looking to drive through one neighborhood for lights – this is it!

St Adams Dr, Stafford, VA 22556

You’ll find 3-5 displays in a row!

Van Horn Ln, Stafford, VA 22556

A drive through display with music and a mailbox to the North Pole

Stafford Manor Way, Stafford, VA 22556

Huge light show display with music


Follow our path, and you’ll be treated to an unforgettable holiday journey, all from the comfort of your warm car. Whether you’re a local or a visitor passing through, take the time to bask in the glow of Stafford County’s most splendid Christmas lights. The magic is out there, waiting to be discovered, and we hope this curated list and route guide you to the most festive and luminous spots in the county. May your season be filled with warmth, joy, and the radiant beauty of holiday lights!