FY 2022 Sponsorship Funding Program

Stafford County's Sponsorship program application will open in 2021.
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In light of Covid-19 Stafford County Tourism will be postponing the opening of the Sponsorship program until after a meeting in January 2021 with the Tourism Advisory Group.  


FY 2022 Sponsorship Funding Program

Stafford County Economic Development and Tourism (ED&T) provides sponsorship funding to nonprofit and profit organizations and businesses. A sponsorship allows ED&T to provide materials, advertise, or otherwise promote Stafford County. Sponsorships require clear and concise agreement and contracted rules on the use of the County logo, placement, marketing materials, websites, or social media outlets. Each organization may apply for only one sponsorship per fiscal year (July 1 to June 30), however when partnering with other organizations to create a unique event more than one application may be accepted.


Priority is given to events or marketing efforts that promote out-of-county visitation and reaches an audience broader than Stafford residents. When evaluating sponsorships, ED&T considers the following:


The sponsored activity must demonstrate and document that it attracts visitors from outside Stafford County. Priority is given to events that encourage visitors to stay overnight (generating hotel sales), shop in local stores and eat in local restaurants.


Sponsorship funding is eligible to a project, program, or event in the following market segments

• Art, cultural, music or craft

• Historic

• Wildlife or natural environment

• Sporting Events

• Craft brewery or winery

• Farm or food

• Water-based recreation


Priority will be given to those that demonstrate the potential to generate visitor spending and overnight visitors. All business must be registered with Stafford County and be in compliance with all required codes. First time events are eligible for Tier 1 and Tier 2 funding only.


Sponsorships will be evaluated by ED&T Staff on an annual (fiscal year) basis. Evaluation will be based on complete application and associated data provided by the applicant as required. A limited amount of funds will be appropriated with the annual budget for the sponsorship program. ED&T may seek input and consultation from the Tourism Advisory Group or subcommittee thereof in evaluating sponsorship.




All applications must be completed online.



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