Hobby, side gig, or making a living off my art…how do I decide and really what is the difference? Art School, independent study, workshop, and residencies, what’s right for me? Do I need a business license? Should I copyright a logo? How do I even price my work so it will sell?
These questions and many more are what artists face when they decide to earn income from their creative practice. It can be a real scary world to enter and there are tons of resources and different opinions out there about what path you should take. But the truth is, your creative path is unique to you and your circumstances so there is no one-size-fits-all approach.
Whether you are emerging on the art scene, or already have an established practice this workshop is designed to give you an opportunity to ask questions and learn from a community of like-minded artistic people with various backgrounds in the field of art. No question is off-limits!
Our speakers consist of Deb Balestreri, educator, UMW and UARTS graduate and owner and CEO of Corgi Clay and the Corgi Clay Art Center in Stafford, VA; Abbey Howarth, who studied Art & Art History from William & Mary, a self-taught potter and teacher with a background in corporate marketing, mental health and fitness coaching from Richmond VA; and Kevin Rodrigue a Fredericksburg, VA potter who studied at WVU with extensive travel and study of traditional Chinese production methods in Xian China.
Though all our speakers practice in clay, this is a workshop that crosses boundaries of art forms and is appropriate for all fields of art and all skill levels. No matter where you are in your creative journey, this is a wonderful workshop to ask the hard questions, meet a community of other artists and start building your supportive network!
This event is FREE to the public!