Class Length: One day, 6pm – 8pm

Class Description: There’s LOVE in the air! This February, why do the same ole “dinner-and-a-movie-thing” for that special day? Instead, join us at the Corgi Clay Art Center and get a little dirty on date night! I don’t know what you were thinking, but we meant with clay in our pottery studio. If you want, you can even recreate that “Ghost” moment…but please keep your clothes on, our studio is full of glass windows!

In this one-night class your instructor will guide you through a basic wheel demonstration and then it’s your turn to give it a spin! Don’t worry, It’s not a class about the finished product but more about the experience, so it’s perfect for beginners. If you’ve always wanted to give throwing pots on the wheel a try and enjoy the taste of beer, then book your seat now! It’s the only time it’s legal to drink behind a wheel!

All students must be 21 or above. Please don’t wear dangling jewelry or flowy sleeves, long hair should be pulled back and please, no flip flops! The floors can get slippery. If you have very long nails, you may find wheel throwing difficult. Be prepared to get dirty, but the good news is, the clay washes right out of your clothes!

Age Limitations: Ages 21+

Supplies Included: Tuition covers everything but students should bring their own hand towel and don’t bother dressing up- you will get muddy! Each student is allotted two beers during the event.

Teachers: Rebekah Gold

Seating Limit: 12