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By George and Little George Merchandise

Fredericksburg Economic Development & Tourism and Stafford County Economic Development & Tourism have partnered with the Fredericksburg based design company Zolo/Higashi Glaser Design, and other local businesses and artists to create a new line of merchandise just in time for the holidays! 

A small reception launching the products will be held on Saturday, December 5 at the Fredericksburg Visitor Center from 2:00-4:00pm.  To complement the product theme the opening reception will feature a colonial music CD release concert from local music group Kinda Celtic and Little George Cherry Chocolate Yum bars created by Tart Cart. All items will be available for purchase.

By George and Little George are designs inspired by the region’s most important resident, George Washington.The new products were designed by Zolo/Higashi Glaser Designs, and produced by local Fredericksburg artists and businesses including:  

Featured products include: 

  • cherry wood notebooks
  • cherry wood postcards 
  • tote bags
  • cherry-tree kits
  • mugs

Items will be available for purchase on December 5 at the following locations:

Our Partners

The award winning men’s wear clothing store, Aspetto, known for producing bullet proof vests and suits, contributed their resources to create the Little George/By George tote-bags at their storefront on Caroline Street. 

Bri and Jay of Itty Bitty Press grew up in the Fredericksburg area and have been producing shirts and posters for local organizations including Fredericksburg All Ages, LibertyTown, and others. They are responsible for screen printing the By George and Little George tote-bags.

Night Owl Paper Goods owner Jennifer Tatham moved to Fredericksburg to work for Zolo Inc, where she was a designer for four years before moving to Alabama where she currently runs her own stationery business. Night Owl Paper Goods produced the cherry wood journals, jotters and postcards for this product line.

Good Turn Earth Company has provided local living soil for the cherry tree kits.  The local start-up company and winner of the Made in FredVA competition launched this spring at the city Farmer’s Market. 

LibertyTown artist Misha Sanborn contributes hand thrown mugs to the list of Little George and By George products featured in this initial launch.  She created two different size mugs to accompany the two logo designs. 

Tart Cart is an all gluten-free and vegan gourmet food company based in Fredericksburg that believes good food builds good health and should give the body energy, strength and, most of all, great taste.

Zolo/ Higashi Glaser Design is owned and operated by Byron Glaser and Sandra Higashi. The firm has created corporate graphics and award-winning products from its downtown Fredericksburg design studio for twenty five years.  Zolo created the concepts and branding for the By George and Little George designs.  They also gathered the amazing list of local merchants, artists and businesses making this initial launch possible.   

For more information about the By George and Little George products contact Julie Perry at or Tramia Jackson at .